Rubber Molding

rubber moldingLusida rubbers have been in operation since 1984 in Shanghai, China. We started the business with molded products for food industry. Over the years company started manufacturing several other applications and covering large number of customers. We are successfully providing engineering design and manufacturing services to various industries that includes automotive, food processing, HVAC, lighting industries and much more. Our team of professional engineers designs prints for any industry. We believe in closely work with our clients to solve the problems and help them in engineering assembly and development. Our engineering staff uses the latest technology and software such as 3D CAD Design, CAM design, grey box and black box design capabilities. This brings great support in product and tooling design. Our companies deal in both extruded products and molded products. Molding products are further classifieds in sponge rubber molding and solid rubber molding. We also manufacture oil seals in different shapes, sizes and color. Custom rubber products support transfer, compression and injection molding. There are different types of rubber used in molding process like EPDM, poly chloroprene, Fluro, Nitrile, reclaimed rubber and other organic rubber compounds. Our inorganic rubber compound is silicone. Apart from rubber compounds we produce a variety of plastic products using thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers.


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