Custom Plastic Molding

plastic molding

Custom plastic molding is a process of injecting a molten plastic material in a molded piece, resulting to a single integrated assembly that is very strong. The insert could be metal, a ceramic substance, or another plastic material that can withstand the custom plastic molding process. The first custom molding applications were the threaded inserts into encapsulating wire plug connections and molded parts on electrical cords. The current custom molding applications are available in a wide variety of applications, but with few limitations on materials combinations.

Examples of custom plastic molding applications include threaded fasteners, military equipment, and knobs for appliances, assemblies and controls. Other examples of custom molding applications include medical instruments and devises such as tube valves and needle hubs; encapsulated bushings, studs, tubes, and posted; and encapsulated electrical components and electronic devices. Custom plastic molding is an effective alternative to assemblies that are manufactured using adhesives, soldering, or fasteners.

Custom plastic injection molding has several benefits. It can reduce the cost of the labor for assembly of components made with plastic. Molded plastic parts have reduced weight and size, too. Insert moldings made it possible to reduce the size and the weight of joined parts since fasteners, connectors, and plastic resins are eliminated.  Also, this process increases the component’s reliability by ensuring proper alignment, preventing loosening of joined parts, and being vibration resistant.

Proper design and construction are critical in custom plastic molding to keep the tooling reliability and maintain part tolerances. Most custom molded plastic parts are created using robotic automation in the molding custom molding process to precise placement of the inserts.


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