Custom Molding

The rubber and plastic product industries have been offering custom molding services from past so many years. Custom molding is required in building new homes and remodeling existing residences. Over the years these companies have served 500 fortune companies which include real estate, medical, agricultural, aerospace, poultry, sporting goods, lighting and toy markets. These industries have molding machines ranging from 88 Ton to 1500 Ton both in high pressure and structural foam.

The rubber extrusion process begins with non vulcanized rubber compound being fed into the extruder. Then, the flutes of the revolving screw will begin to carry the rubber forward into the die, with an increase in pressure and temperature occurring as the material gets closer to the die itself. When it reaches to the die the built up pressure forces the material and get swell in various degrees based on the compound of material. During the vulcanization process, the extruded rubber shrinks up to the type of rubber compound used. We at Lusida rubber are the leading supplier of custom rubber parts. Our services meet the demand of the target market. Our rubber capabilities include injection, compression and transfer molding, fabricated and die-cut products, lathe cut gaskets and washers, rubber-bonded-to- metal etc.

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Need rubber parts?

Look no further, Manufacturer of rubber parts molded compression is at your service to provide its manufacturing rubber parts with high quality rubber like Silicon and many other natural compounds of rubber such as Nitrile, SBR etc. The rubber manufacturers serve various industries like auto motive, food processing, Industrial, HVAC and many other industries. The manufacturers produce plastic molding and rubber molding, rubber and plastic extrusion and rubber to metal bonding and injection molding. They also manufacture diaphragm and fiber glass sleeves.

Generally, these companies hire experienced and qualified staff just to give a professional touch to the work. Even, they have engineers that have years of experience in prototyping and designing prints for any industry. They strive to solve all the problems of the clients and ensuring them best results at a very competitive price with 100% quality. They specialize in various type of designing like 3D CAD Design, CAID Design, CAE Design, Black Box Design capabilities etc. They provide online services also, Visit their website and see some of the possible parts they can manufacture for you. However they offer our facilities for the product you need, contact them and they will find the best solution to your needs.

The key advantages of such companies are:

–          They work with speed and diligence.

–          They provide exceptional value for money

–          The best professionals working with us

In rubber extrusion business competitiveness in the quality of products and manufacturing processes of the same quality that differentiates our products and fast service factor, that is the key to being the best in our industry and to take parts to anywhere in the world showing the good work that we do and our professionalism.

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Rubber Molding

rubber moldingLusida rubbers have been in operation since 1984 in Shanghai, China. We started the business with molded products for food industry. Over the years company started manufacturing several other applications and covering large number of customers. We are successfully providing engineering design and manufacturing services to various industries that includes automotive, food processing, HVAC, lighting industries and much more. Our team of professional engineers designs prints for any industry. We believe in closely work with our clients to solve the problems and help them in engineering assembly and development. Our engineering staff uses the latest technology and software such as 3D CAD Design, CAM design, grey box and black box design capabilities. This brings great support in product and tooling design. Our companies deal in both extruded products and molded products. Molding products are further classifieds in sponge rubber molding and solid rubber molding. We also manufacture oil seals in different shapes, sizes and color. Custom rubber products support transfer, compression and injection molding. There are different types of rubber used in molding process like EPDM, poly chloroprene, Fluro, Nitrile, reclaimed rubber and other organic rubber compounds. Our inorganic rubber compound is silicone. Apart from rubber compounds we produce a variety of plastic products using thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers.

Custom Rubber Products

Custom Rubber ProductsIn early age, we use to get rubber only from trees through the process of vulcanization and rubber taping. The rubber which we get through this process is called natural rubber.The latex which we extract from the trees is the primary source of natural rubber whereas artificial rubber mainly synthesized from petroleum by products. Both are used in different types of industries such as automotive, food processing, HVAC, industrial and much more.  A large number of rubber production companies in the market manufacture custom rubber products for many industries. They strive to provide world class service for their products. The very small rubber products like o ring, grommet, washers, bushings and other parts which are specified by the company are used for bigger machinery.

They are specializing to extrude common polymers like chloroprene, SBR, NBR, Butyl, viton, silicon and fluorocarbons. Injection molded rubber is also the most important compounds which major industries ask for. It includes either rubber injection molding or plastic injection molding. This is the thermostat process so liquid silicone material is supplied through an injection nozzle. After that the liquid silicone rubber is mixed in line with other agents and then ejected in the mold cavity.

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